“Things do not change, we change.” (Henry David Thoreau)

Have you ever been in a situation where your opinion or idea differed from somebody else?

Has it ever been in a situation where you and the other side needed to get something done, even when you obviously disagreed on how to get it done?

Then you have been in a situation where compromise was a necessity.

Compromise as defined by the Bing dictionary is:

1. Agreement: a settlement of a dispute in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally wanted

2. Something accepted rather than wanted: something that somebody accepts because what was wanted is unattainable

3. Potential danger or disgrace: exposure to danger or disgrace.

I am sure than in some day’s previous so called compromise came at the end of a weapon or other legal matter because one side or the other would not accept not getting what they originally wanted.  That was not a compromise but maybe a ruse to get someone to get their own way, in other words a selfish type of society.  Is that where we are today?

Life, society as we know it has arrived at this point in time because somebody, somewhere eventually compromised ideas, situations, commitments or ideals for the better of life or society.

Not too long ago I responded to an old friend by returning to his company to work.  Promising me an opportunity to do things I was not able to get done last time we worked together, I jumped at the offer.  Unfortunately above the two of us was a new, young management person who only understood – “his way or the highway”.  Needless to say that combined with some ailing health issues my return to a position I enjoyed did not last long, because compromise was never going to be an issue or happen.

For success, compromise is a necessity in business as much as any other place

If you have a strong marriage, I would believe that your marriage has at times been in situations of compromise.  Did you love your spouse any less after the compromise?  Probably not.

So why is compromise seem like a such a dirty word these days, especially in Washington, DC where hundreds of individuals are supposedly working on the ways to keep our country free and prosperous.

Recently former Senator Robert Dole was interviewed in the Wichita Eagle and the article relayed some of Dole’s philosophy about compromise.  The writer stated that Dole got things done because “he did it by doing what doesn’t get done anymore: He worked with Democrats. He persuaded opponents to serve their country instead of their parties.”

(Read more here:

So let’s go forward in our lives with the idea that compromise is okay.  That compromise can be reached without making others feel less as people.  That compromise is an important part of a free society, a very important part.








“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

(Zora Neale Hurston)

            Today the word I am running hand in hand with is research.

            According to the Bing Dictionary (yep bing search engine has a dictionary) research is: “Organized study: methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover facts, to establish or revise a theory, or to develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered or to study something methodically: to carry out research into a subject.

            If you look up research on Wikipedia it will tell you that it is the “systematic undertaking to increase stock of knowledge”.

            Sometimes I wonder how we survived before computers.  To do what I am doing these days would take more daylight than I have in the library, in magazines, in newspapers or on the phone to gather the information for which I am trying to gather.

            Instead all I have to do in this day telecommunications is punch in a name, term, sentence, question or whatever into a search engine and end up with more opportunities for an answer than I would be able to cover.

            As I run down the path of desire to learn so much about my COPD and Heart condition, I find how easily a day can spin out of control and that time can hit wrap speed while I devour information about both.

            It is the same with giving my gift of writing an open doorway into my daily routine.  Sometimes there is so much information out there it can overwhelm me, like the mighty Mississippi during a flood, I sometimes feel like I can drown in overflowing river of information.

            So having computers and the ease of searching for knowledge can literally drown our mind and energy with information about basically anything we can think of.

            As for my health issues, I made that easy.  Signing up for activity from just a couple of websites like and (American Lung Association) has given me enough of a map to lead my trip for knowledge in many directions.

            As for my writing I started to make a list of writing based websites that would include the opportunity to submit work and stopped at 55.  Sadly I know that these do not include websites for magazines, book publishers and newspapers.

            Learning new writing concepts like SEO (search engine optimization) has been a chore of humility.

            So many opportunities, which path do I travel. 

            After many hours looking at, reading, evaluating, checking reviews and just plain praying, I have finally started to devote leaps of faith with a few of these writing internet colonies.

            My brain is worn out, my fingers are getting numb and I am on my second pair of reading glasses – but the motor has been put into 2nd gear and the first deliveries have been made, now to wait for tomorrow and see if any roadblocks are planted solid in my way.

            I can see now that my next word to work on will probably be patience as I wait for results of my writing submissions, as I wait for more information to become a COPD advocate, as I wait and wait…..nope I do not think so.

            Patience I do believe is going to be wrestled to the ground, wrapped in some rope (hopefully the emotion activists won’t sue me) and placed in the corner while I keeping jogging down the path of tomorrow, hand in hand with research.






Thoughful Word:

“It is not necessary to get away from human nature but to alter its inner attitude

of heart and mine” (J.F. Newton)


When you come across a time in your life where things change over night it can be a very difficult direction to have to follow.

It’s kind of like driving along an unknown  two-lane highway late at night, trying to follow directions from a friend and turning onto a different two-lane road with no street/highway lighting, no moon – just pitch black nothing straight ahead.  Don’t know about most of you, but that always gets my stomach wound up like after eating some really bad spicy food, my forehead will start to drizzle like a badly sealed kitchen faucet and make my hands numb from the extra strong grip on the steering wheel.

Yep, change can be like that.  If I let it be.

Many of my changes these days come because of my own miscalculations of how much proper health, exercise and appetite.

Some of these changes come from just being whom I am, where I came from and what my ancestors before planted within my system.

Read this blog splot of mine good people and when you get done over a period of time I am hoping you will think about what you do, how you do it – what you eat, how you eat it – what and how you have fun – and maybe you will keep yourself from turning down an unexpected road one day.

I am learning real quick the importance of changing my habits of exercise.  My body gives me a good slap upside the back of the head when he notices it has not had that good, dedicated 40-50 minutes of quality workouts.

I am learning real quick the importance of changing my habits of eating.  Part of my change includes lots of vegetables (and a variety of them), way less dairy, minimal on the sweets and the biggest tongue screaming change – no salt.  But now I joke that I have a second love in the house, her name is Mrs. Dash – this lady has a high variety of spice mixes with no salt added.

I am learning to spend daily time with my long lost love of writing.  You are reading some of that right now.  Writing is my new roadmap to get into my mind and untangle the unbelievable number of wires that tie me to memories, attitude, personality, perspectives and more.

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Change, not what I planned on doing so much of at this time of my life.  But I think the good Lord has something planned for me, and putting the major re-route into my highway of life is sending me in that direction.

So change here I come, we may tangle at times, but the ride is going to be enlightening.

Change is inevitable, get yourself ready and enjoy the ride.






“The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you

from one moment to the next.”  (Mignon McLaughlin)

Wheezing  Away – –

        While I have not had the courage to properly survive some adversities in my lifetime, I am working hard at digging deep to find the courage to climb up and over my current mountain of adversity.

It is time to face up to reality and say you will not keep me down.

From past experiences I know that sometimes you take things one day at a time, and maybe break that one day down to one hour at a time until you get the routine.

So that is me, breaking my days down to the hours for a variety of tasks to get done.

No longer can I worry about the future, but instead the need is to work with the future.

Time is now to reach way back and gather up the dusty remains of those gifts that I was blessed with.  Can I give them a new fresh look, attitude and structure – yes, I can.

They say it is never too late……for me I hope and pray that is true.

As I switch gears to taking care of my health, I also dive into taking care of my gifts and reminding myself and others of who I really am supposed to be.

Now as I swath a path through my faults & leaks (see, I start to the work of building a new foundation to my hours, my days, my weeks – my life.

I can no longer depend as much on others (with the exception of my wife, my family and some good friends) as I would try to in the past, usually to pitiful let downs and disappointments.  I can only depend on those closest around me and myself to build the road for my future travels.

Courage is my word for today, as I have painfully made a track record of running from my successes and struggles.  Courage is my word to capitalize and push myself into the driver’s seat of the road that has no end except the end.

As I encourage myself to rid of my past, I must remember to surround my vehicle of life with only those attachments that will work on my positives, my strengths and my goals.

Follow me as I share my journey as it involves dealing with and getting involved with my trip on the new road of courage.

Follow me as I will share my articles, websites, insights that stimulate me as I travel this new journey.

Follow me as I work my courage to find and become more of a daily blessing, while throwing knockout punches at my curses and demons.

Follow me on this daily/weekly journey.

Thanx and may you all have a courageous and blessed day/week.

Ready Reads:

Wheezing Away – You Have . . . . .


“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” (James 1:12, NIV)

(The following is something written nearly two years ago when I was first diagnosed with COPD and my initial reactions to the idea of being disabled for life.)

Wheezing Away – –

“You have late Stage III, close to Stage IV COPD.”

The words hit me like a cold water balloon, shocking my system as I heard the words.

I try to calmly ask, “Stage III COPD?”

Unfortunately my doctor repeated his words again, and again I sat in disbelief.

Knowing I had been a severe asthmatic for a lifetime, it still made me sit and just go “wow, guess what I thought was normal breathing was not anywhere close to normal”.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is not something I should be surprised at having, but Stage III no way.

Symptoms, well maybe. After some research I found 4 common threads with early stages/diagnoises of COPD.

•An ongoing cough or a cough that produces a lot of mucus (often called “smoker’s cough”)
•Shortness of breath, especially with physical activity
•Wheezing (a whistling or squeaky sound when you breathe)
•Chest tightness

Yep I had nearly all of them. Of course spending many of my working years in a fiberglass insulation plant (self explanatory why it was not a good idea), a motorcycle shop (exhaust fumes, employee smoking), and food service (fryer and grease fumes plus smoke from smokers before it was outlawed) among others, I certainly did not do myself any favors.

Smoking, nope not something I ever did – except when I was in my 20’s and only then a few times when I was really drinking a lot.

Can it be a family history thing – maybe, they say there is a genetic spot for which I have not had tested. I guess for my kids sake maybe I should.

So here I am, wondering where to go from here – guess we are going to find out.

This combined with my heart attack has put me on oxygen nearly 24/7 and unable to work what I would call a normal job.

Well then, as you are going to find out, I am working on moving forward.

Putting my life in a more organized mess could be a challenge, with the support of my wonderful wife, my kids and grandkids I shall prevail.

And that is exactly what this writing is about.

Follow me as I share my journey involving dealing with and getting involved with my disease.

Follow me as I try and find a way, among many so called opportunities, to work from home.

Follow me as I will share articles, websites, information about both my disease as well as various opportunities of working from home.

Follow me as I work on my blessings, my curses, my positives, my negatives, my daily/weekly walk.

For now – Peace, Love and Understanding………God Bless, Mr. William.

What is COPD –
American Lung Association –