“The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you

from one moment to the next.”  (Mignon McLaughlin)

Wheezing  Away – –

        While I have not had the courage to properly survive some adversities in my lifetime, I am working hard at digging deep to find the courage to climb up and over my current mountain of adversity.

It is time to face up to reality and say you will not keep me down.

From past experiences I know that sometimes you take things one day at a time, and maybe break that one day down to one hour at a time until you get the routine.

So that is me, breaking my days down to the hours for a variety of tasks to get done.

No longer can I worry about the future, but instead the need is to work with the future.

Time is now to reach way back and gather up the dusty remains of those gifts that I was blessed with.  Can I give them a new fresh look, attitude and structure – yes, I can.

They say it is never too late……for me I hope and pray that is true.

As I switch gears to taking care of my health, I also dive into taking care of my gifts and reminding myself and others of who I really am supposed to be.

Now as I swath a path through my faults & leaks (see, I start to the work of building a new foundation to my hours, my days, my weeks – my life.

I can no longer depend as much on others (with the exception of my wife, my family and some good friends) as I would try to in the past, usually to pitiful let downs and disappointments.  I can only depend on those closest around me and myself to build the road for my future travels.

Courage is my word for today, as I have painfully made a track record of running from my successes and struggles.  Courage is my word to capitalize and push myself into the driver’s seat of the road that has no end except the end.

As I encourage myself to rid of my past, I must remember to surround my vehicle of life with only those attachments that will work on my positives, my strengths and my goals.

Follow me as I share my journey as it involves dealing with and getting involved with my trip on the new road of courage.

Follow me as I will share my articles, websites, insights that stimulate me as I travel this new journey.

Follow me as I work my courage to find and become more of a daily blessing, while throwing knockout punches at my curses and demons.

Follow me on this daily/weekly journey.

Thanx and may you all have a courageous and blessed day/week.

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