Thoughful Word:

“It is not necessary to get away from human nature but to alter its inner attitude

of heart and mine” (J.F. Newton)


When you come across a time in your life where things change over night it can be a very difficult direction to have to follow.

It’s kind of like driving along an unknown  two-lane highway late at night, trying to follow directions from a friend and turning onto a different two-lane road with no street/highway lighting, no moon – just pitch black nothing straight ahead.  Don’t know about most of you, but that always gets my stomach wound up like after eating some really bad spicy food, my forehead will start to drizzle like a badly sealed kitchen faucet and make my hands numb from the extra strong grip on the steering wheel.

Yep, change can be like that.  If I let it be.

Many of my changes these days come because of my own miscalculations of how much proper health, exercise and appetite.

Some of these changes come from just being whom I am, where I came from and what my ancestors before planted within my system.

Read this blog splot of mine good people and when you get done over a period of time I am hoping you will think about what you do, how you do it – what you eat, how you eat it – what and how you have fun – and maybe you will keep yourself from turning down an unexpected road one day.

I am learning real quick the importance of changing my habits of exercise.  My body gives me a good slap upside the back of the head when he notices it has not had that good, dedicated 40-50 minutes of quality workouts.

I am learning real quick the importance of changing my habits of eating.  Part of my change includes lots of vegetables (and a variety of them), way less dairy, minimal on the sweets and the biggest tongue screaming change – no salt.  But now I joke that I have a second love in the house, her name is Mrs. Dash – this lady has a high variety of spice mixes with no salt added.

I am learning to spend daily time with my long lost love of writing.  You are reading some of that right now.  Writing is my new roadmap to get into my mind and untangle the unbelievable number of wires that tie me to memories, attitude, personality, perspectives and more.

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Change, not what I planned on doing so much of at this time of my life.  But I think the good Lord has something planned for me, and putting the major re-route into my highway of life is sending me in that direction.

So change here I come, we may tangle at times, but the ride is going to be enlightening.

Change is inevitable, get yourself ready and enjoy the ride.