Reflections--Thanks--005          HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my family & friends throughout the many areas and nations and especially those who share Thanks for still being able to breath and live with COPD………

We all have much to be thankful for such as family, friends, jobs, housing, plenty of food and health…………..

And for those many friends with illnesses like COPD – remember, as long as you have enough power in the lungs to breath you have nothing to complain about as breathing brings you life and that alone is a daily Thanksgiving………

May those spending time with family – enjoy and be safe in travels……….

May those spending the holiday somewhat on their own or alone – remember others are with you in spirit, faith and hope…………..

So HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING……….to all I bid hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – – Mr. William & CrossDove Writer…………….


Turning 2 Today – – Happy, Happy!


Reflections--Happiness           Yep today I turn 2!!

Celebrating my 2nd Life Day!  Happy Life Day to me, Happy Life Day to me………

It was 2 years ago today, November 26, at somewhere around 11:30 am that I literally and physically died from a ‘massive, widow maker heart attack’ (as Dr. Drew Allen liked to remind me), but with grace and hope I came alive again (although confused because some nurse was pounding on my chest).  So today I celebrate Happy Life Day……….

What is it like to be 2 today – well not what I may have expected as my new opportunity to live is not at all under regular circumstances.  My return to life included a glitch in my heart and a diagnoses of late Stage III COPD, which between the two in many ways turned my life nearly upside down.

Being disabled, unable to do much physical work without having to rest and get the ol’ breather back to what I call breathing right, has not been anything but a constant time of adjustment.

But it has given me many reasons to live and try to live better – I have more of a purpose like bringing the life of living with COPD to more people as it is the third leading cause of death and millions have it but do not realize it.

So today I celebrate my 2nd Life Day as I call it.

Reflections--Thanks  So today I take time to thank many and will name a few – –

  • My wonderful partner for life, my wife Linda for hanging with me through it all.
  • My former neighbor or as my grandkids call him ‘the hero’ Matt Green for helping me that fateful day and recognizing what really was happening and getting me to the hospital ER in time – for that I will always be so grateful.
  • My adult family for being supportive during the emotional times and being physically helpful during the needful times when the ‘old guy’ couldn’t do it like he used to.
  • My kid family, better known as my grandkids, whose hugs – loves – smiles – giggles and more bring sunshine on even the cloudiest day.  Special Papa hugs and loves to Keller, Jaiden, Connor, Korbin, Tanner, Denise, Erika, Sydney, Jayden and Colton.
  • The folks in the McPherson ER for jumping, pounding the chest and doing all that was needed to do when all them bells and whistles went crazy as I momentarily crossed that line from life to the beyond.
  • And of course my medical folks like Dr. Thomas, Dr. Allen, Dr. Ronsick, Dr. Bajaj and their nurses for watching over me and keeping my life on the right track.
  • I will not forget my many friends both past (like grade school, junior high, high school, college and more) and present (especially those through my COPD groups) who stay in contact with me on the internet and are always there with new news, old news and lots of support as well.

So today I do celebrate life itself and be glad that two years into this new opportunity my health is holding its own and I have so many reasons to do whatever is needed to keep the demons of poor health at bay.

So if you have a moment in your life where things changed so drastically and you realized you have a new path to walk – then realize it could be called your New Life Day.

And with that, as always, I bid to all – hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing…………..Mr. William.

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Reminder to Enjoy the End


Reflections--LifeIsLikeATaco   Today was a day of reminders.

Reminder # 1 – It’s good to have favorites and one of my son Tony’s buddies from high school (Courtney) was back in the area.  One of what I call my ‘in & out’ kids because he seemed to be around so much he was like another son (and our grocery bill showed it).  But today he was back for his Dad’s funeral, a chance for me to see one of my ‘in & out’ kids, to let him know how important he was in my past and how much I continue to hold him in prayer and blessings on a daily basis.

Reminder # 2 – Going to a funeral enabled me to be close enough to drop in and hopefully catch a friend I have not seen much of for several years.  My friend Kent was not home and his wife was getting ready for work, so I left a phone number and I was humbled when he called and we made plans for lunch on Friday.  A chance to rekindle a friendship I treasured so long ago and look forward to building on again.

Reminder # 3 – That we all have an end.  The funeral of Frank Walker was emotional for me because he was a great guy, the dad of one of those ‘in & out’ kids, a man I always so enjoyed talking with yet never found the time to really get to know.  Frank’s second wife was connected to my life through her kids, but Frank was special and as I learned how special he was to so many I realized how much I missed a chance to have had a very special person to share common ground of kids, hope, faith and even health issues with.

So one of today’s keys is that we all have daily reminders that someday there is an end to this travel we call life and those of us with health issues like COPD or our heart know well that the end is there and we more so than others have numbered days ahead.

But the most important key is that we also must hang on tight to the faith and hope of tomorrow while we also cherish the treasures and blessings of today.

With that I bid to all – hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – – Mr. William.

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Research Needed!!


One problem with COPD is the lack of funding for research despite it being the third leading cause of death in the United States………….

We at CrossDove Writer would like to help and in doing so give you all something to enjoy in return…………..

Please help us out here with CrossDove Writer and strongly consider checking out and contributing to the following website and purchasing either a t-shirt or a nice coffee mug, which in turn will supply 80% of its proceeds to COPD research…………..

Thanx and as always – hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.



A Big Day – ‘Great American Smoke Out Day’



It is the third Thursday of November which means one thing for sure – it is the day for the ‘Great American Smoke out’!

This annual event encourages Americans (of whom 43.8 million still smoked as of June, 2013) to stop smoking/chewing tobacco for a full 24 hours with the sincere hope that it will lead to a lifetime of non-smoking/chewing tobacco.

The ‘Great American Smoke Out’ officially started in 1977 after evolving from a series of small scale non-smoking initiatives done throughout the United States.

So as one who battles his breathing daily with ‘COPD‘ (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) I have more than one reason for asking people to quit smoking, even for a day – but most of all I encourage it for the sake of any individuals own personal health.

For the sake of a family member, a friend, an employee or even your worst enemy – if they smoke, feel bold, caring and sincere by asking them to – for at least this one day – quit smoking/chewing and join in the ‘Great American Smoke Out‘………………..

With that I bid to all as always – Hugs, Prayers, Blessings and Steady Breathing………………Mr. William

The Cost of COPD!!



November is National COPD Awareness Month so I thought it would be nice to share some numbers pertaining to this devastating chronic disease.

In my state alone a survey taken in 2011 showed that 6.2 percent of the people over 18 in our state have been diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). In some areas where individuals with low income and education levels the impact seems to be even greater.

Did you know that COPD has a $49.9 billion annual economic impact cost of COPD (costs of ER visits, hospital stays, lost productivity). There are approximately 13.1 million people diagnosed with COPD with another 12.0 million undiagnosed).

Of those living with COPD, 51% say it limits any ability to work and 53% say it limits any kind of social activities.

Many Americans who have COPD do not or will not discuss their symptoms until they have already reached a severe stage of this progressive, irreversible and seemingly invisible disease.

Many living with COPD have made a self-diagnose of their symptoms by putting it on aging, allergies or a normal result of tobacco use for why they may be having difficulties with breathing.

Without a true medical diagnosis – individuals do not or will not take the steps to modify risk factors and appropriately manage their condition.

Even though people with COPD face many challenges, there are tremendous opportunities to improve the lives of our residents while also saving the state and healthcare systems money through improved outcomes.

Unlike other high-mortality diseases, COPD does not receive federal categorical funding for public health initiatives at the state level.

The successes achieved in lowering the mortality associated with other devastating diseases have not occurred for COPD, which means we all need to work together.

Now, more than ever before, we all have a chance to help the COPD Community by integrating COPD into ongoing chronic disease activities such as the coordinated chronic disease state plan.

I am simply asking for you to raise your awareness about this debilitating disease and to become more understanding with those around you that may be suffering from it, including yourself.

Speak up, step out and most of all educate.

Breathe well – Live Well – Live Long.

For now I bid to all smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – – Mr. William

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Many times while fighting a disease like COPD we feel as if we are alone…..of course with friends like we find on ‘Breathing Buddies’ we feel less alone……..many of us feel we need to have someone there beside us, to travel our road with……….

But I heard a comment made today during some interview on my TV that struck me as an important concept………it goes like this:

“Have a good relationship with yourself, because once you have that any other relationship is always a plus and not a must.”

So work on relating with yourself and your COPD, when you come to grips and acceptance of that – then anyone who is willing to travel your path with you will be that plus and not just a lingering must.

Prayers and blessings everyone.

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