Reflections--LifeIsLikeATaco   Today was a day of reminders.

Reminder # 1 – It’s good to have favorites and one of my son Tony’s buddies from high school (Courtney) was back in the area.  One of what I call my ‘in & out’ kids because he seemed to be around so much he was like another son (and our grocery bill showed it).  But today he was back for his Dad’s funeral, a chance for me to see one of my ‘in & out’ kids, to let him know how important he was in my past and how much I continue to hold him in prayer and blessings on a daily basis.

Reminder # 2 – Going to a funeral enabled me to be close enough to drop in and hopefully catch a friend I have not seen much of for several years.  My friend Kent was not home and his wife was getting ready for work, so I left a phone number and I was humbled when he called and we made plans for lunch on Friday.  A chance to rekindle a friendship I treasured so long ago and look forward to building on again.

Reminder # 3 – That we all have an end.  The funeral of Frank Walker was emotional for me because he was a great guy, the dad of one of those ‘in & out’ kids, a man I always so enjoyed talking with yet never found the time to really get to know.  Frank’s second wife was connected to my life through her kids, but Frank was special and as I learned how special he was to so many I realized how much I missed a chance to have had a very special person to share common ground of kids, hope, faith and even health issues with.

So one of today’s keys is that we all have daily reminders that someday there is an end to this travel we call life and those of us with health issues like COPD or our heart know well that the end is there and we more so than others have numbered days ahead.

But the most important key is that we also must hang on tight to the faith and hope of tomorrow while we also cherish the treasures and blessings of today.

With that I bid to all – hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – – Mr. William.

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