Turning 2 Today – – Happy, Happy!


Reflections--Happiness           Yep today I turn 2!!

Celebrating my 2nd Life Day!  Happy Life Day to me, Happy Life Day to me………

It was 2 years ago today, November 26, at somewhere around 11:30 am that I literally and physically died from a ‘massive, widow maker heart attack’ (as Dr. Drew Allen liked to remind me), but with grace and hope I came alive again (although confused because some nurse was pounding on my chest).  So today I celebrate Happy Life Day……….

What is it like to be 2 today – well not what I may have expected as my new opportunity to live is not at all under regular circumstances.  My return to life included a glitch in my heart and a diagnoses of late Stage III COPD, which between the two in many ways turned my life nearly upside down.

Being disabled, unable to do much physical work without having to rest and get the ol’ breather back to what I call breathing right, has not been anything but a constant time of adjustment.

But it has given me many reasons to live and try to live better – I have more of a purpose like bringing the life of living with COPD to more people as it is the third leading cause of death and millions have it but do not realize it.

So today I celebrate my 2nd Life Day as I call it.

Reflections--Thanks  So today I take time to thank many and will name a few – –

  • My wonderful partner for life, my wife Linda for hanging with me through it all.
  • My former neighbor or as my grandkids call him ‘the hero’ Matt Green for helping me that fateful day and recognizing what really was happening and getting me to the hospital ER in time – for that I will always be so grateful.
  • My adult family for being supportive during the emotional times and being physically helpful during the needful times when the ‘old guy’ couldn’t do it like he used to.
  • My kid family, better known as my grandkids, whose hugs – loves – smiles – giggles and more bring sunshine on even the cloudiest day.  Special Papa hugs and loves to Keller, Jaiden, Connor, Korbin, Tanner, Denise, Erika, Sydney, Jayden and Colton.
  • The folks in the McPherson ER for jumping, pounding the chest and doing all that was needed to do when all them bells and whistles went crazy as I momentarily crossed that line from life to the beyond.
  • And of course my medical folks like Dr. Thomas, Dr. Allen, Dr. Ronsick, Dr. Bajaj and their nurses for watching over me and keeping my life on the right track.
  • I will not forget my many friends both past (like grade school, junior high, high school, college and more) and present (especially those through my COPD groups) who stay in contact with me on the internet and are always there with new news, old news and lots of support as well.

So today I do celebrate life itself and be glad that two years into this new opportunity my health is holding its own and I have so many reasons to do whatever is needed to keep the demons of poor health at bay.

So if you have a moment in your life where things changed so drastically and you realized you have a new path to walk – then realize it could be called your New Life Day.

And with that, as always, I bid to all – hugs, prayers, blessings and steady breathing…………..Mr. William.

(Copyright@2014, CrossDove Writer)


3 thoughts on “Turning 2 Today – – Happy, Happy!

  1. Becky Wittler

    I admire your courage to share with all of us your health struggles. Because of you I am sure somewhere, someone is reading this and thinking he or she can learn something here and that you are their hero. Take care and again thank you for sharing and educating so many about COPD. Have a good thanksgiving.

  2. Your posts are very inspiring . When God wants us to live, nothing in the world can make us die, And when he wants us to die the whole world can’t make us live. Your post is a beautiful reminder that we should enjoy every moment and stop complaining about little insignificant things and thank HIM for everything.

    • Appreciate your reply and yes, I strongly feel that these postings about my own personal battle with COPD and all that goes with it are like a ministry to others………I have this disease for a reason and that could be it…..prayers and blessings

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