Holidays--MerryChristmas--005  Merry Christmas from COPD Travels, CrossDove Writer and Mr. William, may all your seasonal festivities bring precious memories and be full of the faith, hope, love, peace and grace found in the true reason for the season – the birth of ‘Emanuel’.

Finishing up our COPD Christmas Notes we would like to remind you all to please remember your do’s and don’ts that go with knowing the limits of you and your COPD or any chronic illness.

Remember to find your place at any get together by avoiding those triggers of your illness, triggers like steamy kitchen pots, stuffy/overly warm rooms and scented candles.  If you are dealing with later stages of COPD, then find the spots where the air is moving the best and do not be bashful about those with heavy colognes/perfumes and smoking odors – just kindly request they keep their conversation short and the distance  away.

For those of us who enjoy helping and participating in preparations of an event or family get together, be sure to remember to pace yourself and prop yourself.

Pace yourself so you do not hit those energy zapping moments because we know sometimes they seem to take so long to recuperate.

Prop yourself by sitting at a table or counter if wanting to cut vegetables, set up a deli platter, fold some napkins or even helping wrap some last moment gifts.

So today the three magic words should be place, pace and prop – remembering those three highly important words and what they represent, when properly put into your appearance at an event or family get together will decide just how well you function at that appearance.

Enjoy your Christmas event and get together as best you can by remembering the place, the pace and the prop that you need so not to pay a physical price for enjoying the memories of the seasonal celebrations.

As always – please remember if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

Remember always that without breathing a person is without life itself.

With that I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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