Reflections--COPD Most know by now that I am battling daily with my sidekick ‘Lenny’ (the name I have given my COPD/Asthma) and part of my therapy is to put into words how my week or day is going and then sharing it openly as part of what I call my responsibility.

Responsibility for me is to share my travels with others with the hopes that maybe, just maybe I will reach even one person who could read what I write and realize they are not alone.

While my buddy ‘Lenny’ (my COPD/Asthma) may not be anywhere near as severe as many, it is bad enough that even though I am not on oxygen 24/7 yet I do find it very, very difficult to work or do anything much physical for more than about 15 minutes without having to stop and let my lungs catch up.

Today I once again share where I am at and maybe how I may or may not be dealing with it.

What many just don’t seem to understand is what weather can do to me and my sidekick ‘Lenny’.

I remember as a kid growing up battling asthma like I did that my mother once in awhile would throw out the line “I don’t need the weather report, you are like a human barometer for me” and for many years I never really took the time to understand that, but as I have gotten older and especially since I have begun my own battle with COPD I have begun to say “yep I understand”.

Beyond the obvious weather that can and will directly decide some of my daily activities like humidity, wind and heat there are other times that before the weather actually has a major shift I do notice more difficulty in my breathing and/or my level of exhaustion.

Take the past couple of days when the mornings seemed workable, but then when the afternoon hits with a steady wind and a rise in the temperature (especially when it reaches over 90) I find that being out for any length of time is not workable like I would hope it would be.

What is my point of decision for whether it is workable to be out and about – well I would say if the temperature reaches over 90 and the humidity stays above 45-50%.  If you add in a steady breeze of 15-25 mph then that would seal my fate and I would know that indoors it is for the day.

Of course I will have some events for which I have to push myself through and then deal with the possible consequences later, like an upcoming high school varsity football debut of my oldest grandson (this ‘Gramps’ is not going to miss it) and the coverage of a few events for a part-time writing gig for a local weekly newspaper.

Today it was in the low 90’s and the humidity was close to workable at 40% but the wind was breezing away at near 20-25 mph and that my friends told me that inside it is and by staying inside my sidekick ‘Lenny’ will also get a rest while it waits for its next trigger to grab – a story for another day I am sure.

And that my friends is where ‘Lenny’ (my COPD/Asthma) and me are at 4 today.

*** I continue a request for all to hold Kaycie Chapman (from down New Zealand way) in your thoughts, prayers and blessings as she continues her courageous Facebook sharing of her continuing battle with late stages of emphysema/asthma/COPD – and she continues to do it with the level of faith and hope for which we all should hope we will have when our battle and travels become much, much worse.  Prayers and Blessings Kaycie.

NOTE TO REMEMBER: Sometimes we share what may seem like medical information, but we are only giving descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having COPD and/or asthma and no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical treatment type of information, always consult your physician for more, clearer and more medical founded information.

As always – if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

Remember – a person without breathing is a person without life itself.

I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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