Just A Reminder –


Without Breathing – We are Without Life Itself!!



3 thoughts on “Just A Reminder –

  1. cheryl

    I’m on a,1200-1400 calorie diet. I eat plenty of veggies and measure out what a serving actually is. I’m trying to cut down on junk food but if I have calories left I eat what I want. Its portion control. You would need many more calories than what I’m eating. I also added cardio. Walking is my choice if exercise. Good luck. I’m loosing around a pound a week without starving..do I’m Happy with that!

    • Thanx for the words of encouragement…….I am now concentrating on measuring out what I eat and when my lungs allow it get on that stationary bike for minimum of 20-30 minutes a day – I try to walk, but for whatever reason I find walking kicks in breathing issues within a mile or so……prayers and blessings, William.

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