Yep this is another insertion of my COPD Travels as I share a briefing of just where Lenny (the name I have given my COPD/Asthma) and I may be for today.

I write these as part of my therapy for dealing with my own battle with COPD and Asthma, the lung diseases that have put me into the category of being disabled and unable to hold most jobs because of my inability to do anything real physical for more than maybe 10 minutes before having to stop and rest because of breathing difficulties and/or a major drop in oxygen levels.

I write because maybe, just maybe whatever I bang out of the keyboard will hopefully hit a chord with someone, somewhere – that is my responsibility, to talk about and share my travels with COPD/Asthma so that even one or two others may read what I share and realize they are not alone.

So today I once again share where I am at and maybe how I may or may not be dealing with life and my own COPD/Asthma Travels.

I have been just out of sorts today and while most of the day I just wasn’t sure why, I did come to a couple of conclusions that may give me some insight to why.

For one the temp is in the 90’s with a heat index creeping up around 100 and maybe just a step or two over because the humidity is up around 60% and as I have shared before, just like many if not most of those with major breathing/lung issues – high humidity is not an environment of comfort.

Maybe because the weather has been like this for several days and I have shut myself into the house for most of them, then just maybe I am getting a quick bout of ‘cabin fever’.  But then again I really haven’t had much of any reason to leave the house except for my bi-weekly Xolair shot.

Well that takes care of one of the reasons I could be and most likely am feeling a bit out of sorts, but I know it most likely isn’t the only reason.

For idea number two of why I feel out of sorts, today marks nine years since my mother went into the hospital with major health issues and she never came out – passing own exactly a month later on August 7.

So maybe the out of sorts is because I have been thinking of how much I miss her and about the last time I saw her, just two weeks before she slid down the health ramp so quickly.

My wife and I had gone up to Nebraska to take her and Dad out for dinner for what was their 56th Wedding Anniversary and she seemed to be doing great.  Granted she was using a cane due to some recent back surgery, but the idea that she was as sick as she must have been at that time – she never let on.

Of course this affects me as with all that’s going on in my life travels these days – battling COPD, battling a minor heart issue, dealing with a daughter fighting the fight of drug addiction, taking on part-time caregiver duties of an autistic grandson, stressing over a lost relationship with my son – I just miss being able to pick up the phone and hearing her loving words of encouragement.

And then to top all things off today – I dozed off watching the evening news and slept right through my phone conference appointment for the ‘weight control study program’ I am participating in.

Maybe I will just go to bed extra early with the hope that tomorrow will be better.

And that my friends says where ‘Lenny’ (my COPD/Asthma) and me are at 4 today.


As always – if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

Remember – a person without breathing is a person without life itself.

I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

(Copyright@2016, CrossDove Writer through – no part of this write may be used or copied without written permission.)

NOTE TO REMEMBER: Sometimes we share what may seem like medical information, but we are only giving descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having COPD and/or asthma and no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical treatment type of information, always consult your physician for more, clearer and more medical founded information.