(October 24)

rainbowonthesideofthemountain What better way to share with others who share the daily battle and frustrations with COPD/Asthma than by passing on some daily words and thoughts that bring hope and renewal, because as we all know – without that horizon of hope, our daily renewal of faith and fight can dim in a hurry.

So take, read, meditate and hopefully find some hope to attach to your faith for today – – –



THE THOUGHT – from Helen Steiner Rice:

After the clouds, the sunshine,

After the winter, the spring,

After the shower, the rainbow – –

For life is a changeable thing.


“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?”  (Psalms 27:1)

THE HOPE – on this day, remember to take the time to see the rainbows which are present in each and every day.  It may be a flutter of leaves in the wind, the baby birds chirping for mother bird, the gentleness of the fluffy clouds floating past, the shimmering of the pond as a flock of geese come in for a landing, the laughter in the distance of kids enjoying a fun time together or just the refreshing feel that slithers through your body when you take a deep fresh breath of air and just relax as it exhales outward.  There is always rainbows to be found in your day, breath – relax – observe – feel, and your worries will turn to wonders – the wonders of life itself.  (Billy Dursens)

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