Living with Disabilities – Standing Strong


The Word – “Therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil/despair come, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have everything you can – to continue standing.”  (mostly Ephesians 6:13, NIV)

The Thought – Eventually we all have those days or times where we are faced with challenges and very difficult moments.  The difficult times may come from a financial turn, a battle with weather or mother nature, an emotional heartbreak or maybe like many of us – a chronic illness which tugs at us, sometimes on a daily field of battle.

While some may differ, the great Spirit does not normally send these moments of stormy weather.  But it is in these moments that we can and should lean on the Spirit of life itself to help calm the air within the battle, it is a time to allow the Spirit to rise-up within your own.

The Spirit will not just take away those moments or times of difficulty, but it will help to calm your own reaction and vision of those times in battle.

If you can learn to remain faithful to the Spirit above your own during these times of struggle, then success and survival at the end of the battle will be secured.  Fight the good fight in faith and know that with every battle, when fought with the support of the Spirit, will help you grow and be battle tested for those battles yet ahead.

Learn the lessons of leaning on the Spirit to build your armor of protection for holding your own spirit strong in love, faith, hope and grace.

The Meditation – Great Spirit, thank you for being there as a best friend during my times of battle and open my eyes to see wisdom within the lessons learned and the steps to remember for the next battle I may face.  Thank you for the hope, faith and grace which you give.



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