Sharing with others daily words, thoughts and meditations that bring myself hope and renewal during my own daily battles and frustrations with COPD/Asthma.  Sharing, because as we all know – without that horizon of hope, our daily renewal of faith and fight can dim in a hurry.

Take, read, meditate and hopefully find some of the same hope in your day as I have within mine…..

The Word – “Do not judge, and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”  (Luke 6:37 NIV)

The Thought – As those of us who fight a daily battle with a disability or chronic illness, some of us know more than others what it is like to be judged because maybe our disability or illness is not clearly visible.

As one with COPD/Asthma, I know my chronic illness is not visible and most days I look perfectly normal.  This means that many times when I may park in a handicapped space at the store, people will check me over as I get out and walk into the store.  My disability is invisible unless you get close enough to hear my struggle to get full breaths after walking or trying to do anything very physical.

Sometimes it annoys me, most times it does not, because I feel it is more their problem than it is mine, though it took me awhile to reach that point.

The important thing is that those of us traveling our life path with an invisible illness or disability must be sure to not return the attitude toward others – especially those who seem to be judging us.

Only the Great Spirit know what may be going on in everyone’s life as we know it and just as we do not like to be judged, we must guard ourselves from doing the same.

We must treat all with the same hope, faith, love and grace that we would appreciate from others, even those who cheat and take up a handicapped space when they may not be so themselves.

By not judging the cover that we see of others, we raise ourselves to a higher standard and by doing so we accept that what we are battling and that will make our travel of life easier day to day.

Only we alone can understand what is to have our cover judged, so it is we alone, with guidance from the Great Spirit, that can show how to not pass judgment on others while instead shower others with signs of hope, faith, love and grace.

The Meditation – Oh Great Spirit, we thank you for what all surrounds me as we travel our path of life.  We look to you for guidance and strength so that we may not judge others when we may not have had the opportunity to look beyond the cover that we may see as they pass by our path of life.  Great Spirit we request the strength to not judge others, even as they may be judging us, and irregardless as to whether we are battling our own battles, may we shower all that cross our path of life with the refreshing attitude that bring to them the signs of hope, faith, love and grace.