Sharing with others daily words, thoughts and meditations that bring myself hope and renewal during my own daily battles and frustrations with COPD/Asthma.  Sharing, because as we all know – without that horizon of hope, our daily renewal of faith and fight can dim in a hurry.

Take, read, meditate and hopefully find some of the same hope in your day as I have within mine….

The Word – “Strength arising out of complete defeat and weakness, the loss of one’s old life as a condition for finding a new one.”  (Twelve-Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 46)

The Thought – When your life takes a turn and the normal routine gets turned upside down due to a chronic illness or disability, our life and the road we may be traveling changes.

How it changes depends on the person and how well prepared they may be mentally, physically and spiritually.  How well were you prepared when you may have become ill enough with your chronic illness or disability that what was routine was not routine anymore.

As we cross the line from what was to what will be due to our chronic illness or disability, we are forced to regenerate ourselves to fit the new situation or adventure we have been handed.

Normally, to get through this change, one of the steps we will have to make is to admit defeat to a certain extent.  Accepting defeat is hard no matter what the situation may be, but to accept defeat when coming to grips with the fact that our chronic illness or disability will now keep us from possible doing or living the way we had been doing or living, that is just plain a tough hurdle to jump.  But to accept the defeat and work at putting it behind us is the only way to regenerate into the new routine of a new travel of life that we must make.

If you are not comfortable with admitting the defeat to anyone physically, then take your visiting time with the ‘Great Spirits’ to get entire situation off your chest, sort of speak.  Talk with the ‘Great Spirits’ and throw it all on the table, both the good and the bad that you may see in the upcoming change.  Listen and feel the response, be ready to find yourself saying thank you for the changes, even when and if you may not feel so at first.

Our chronic illness or disability puts us in a position, to regenerate our lives, removing from our travels the way we were, the way we were living, the way we were surviving.  It is time to take on the challenge of renewing our lives to travel forward while working within the new parameters of our chronic illness or disability, and with the help of the ‘Great Spirits’ we can do so as we continue our travels while working within the goals of doing so using the four fundamentals of life happiness – hope, faith, love and grace.

The Meditation/Prayer – ‘Great Spirits’ we have been given a major bump in our road of life, a bump that means we have to change our routine.  While we always thank you for the world you have surrounded us with during these travels, we also say thank you for being there for us as we seem to be starting over or regenerating ourselves to fit what our chronic illness or disability will allow us to do.  ‘Great Spirit’ we look to you for the guidance and wisdom to keep us moving forward and working with our situation to make the adjustments in our travels to still work at having the four fundamentals of life within our daily life so that regenerating ourselves and our lives can be done while still holding tight to hope, faith, love and grace.

And we all say Hallelujah, Amen.

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