Sharing with others daily words, thoughts and meditations that bring myself hope and renewal during my own daily battles and frustrations with COPD/Asthma.  Sharing, because as we all know – without that horizon of hope, our daily renewal of faith and fight can dim in a hurry.

Take, read, meditate and hopefully find some of the same hope in your daily battles with a chronic illness and/or disability as I have within mine….

The Word – “He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.  It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.  It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”  (The Bible: Jeremiah 17:8, NIV)

The Thought – As hard as it may seem, especially when fighting battles like COPD and/or severe Asthma, the goal we must strive for is to be solid and strong like a large tree.

When you think about a solid, tall majestic tree in your yard or neighborhood, do you not think of the protection it supplies with shade in the hot of the summer and the number of branches it uses to provide and protect those many squirrels, birds and such from weather and life.

We too need to become like a solid, majestic tree that keeps its roots planted deep and steady to the foundation of earth.  Hold steady in your pursuit to find the solutions needed to help overcome any heavy winds of issues that may try and knock you over or completely down.

We too need to become protectors, using our branches of love, hope, faith and grace to protect those around us in our travels of life, showing them the strength we have in working to overcome and endure the battles we face in our own individual travels with COPD and/or severe asthma.

While being strong can on many days seem like an impossible task – it is our own showing of strength and endurance with our own battles that can shine onto others and give them the hope and faith to overcome theirs.

How do we stay strong and majestic like a tree, giving security to those around us – we do it by spending time with the ‘Great Spirits’ in quiet times of listening and speaking, thanking the ‘Great Spirits’ for all they have given us, while listening in silence to the wisdom and guidance bestowed on us to reach the strength found in the four fundamentals of life and happiness, those being of hope, faith, love and grace.

Step up, be strong and envelope others within your world like a large branch offering protection from the elements of life by being secure with your own life, holding your feet firmly to the ground like the strong roots of an Oak tree and protect those around you with the elements of hope, faith, love and grace.

The Meditation/Prayer – As we enter our quiet time of meditation, our time to spend conversing and listening to you, ‘Great Spirits’, we say thank you for all that you surround us with in our daily travels of life – and yes we even thank you for those battles we fight as we know they will make us stronger.  Today we seek continued guidance in the four fundamentals of life and happiness – hope, faith, love and grace, so that we may be stronger and more enduring for those around us who also may be suffering with us during those battles.  We look forward to those days when we can share, prepare and protect all those within our world, just as you, ‘Great Spirits’ protect us.

With that we all say Hallelujah, Amen.

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