As I have said before, much of my own personal survival with late Stage III COPD/Severe Asthma is to continually read and learn as much as I can about my ailments and those ailments closely tied to it.

It is then that I try to pass on the information I find and digest to others as part of my acceptance to my health conditions and all it may entail. This means sharing what I may be learning, reading and experiencing with others so they know they are not alone in their fight, and just maybe they may find or be refreshed about some new tidbit of information to help them with their own struggles with COPD, Asthma or any life-altering chronic condition.

Here we are dealing with questions and discussions about ‘PULMONARY REHAB’!

This is posting number three of the six where we discuss the How, the What, the When, the Where, the Who and the Why of ‘PULMONARY REHAB’!

Today we discuss the WHAT.


‘Pulmonary Rehab’ in any sense is needed to help delay the eventual loss of ability to do things we are used to doing and have control over – especially our ability to breath!

The ‘when’ of pulmonary rehab asks questions that may be needed to guide you on the seriousness of your changing health to push you toward the necessity of exercising and rehabbing your ability to breath and to continue survival.

The ‘when’ would I go and deal with this thing we call pulmonary rehab is important because you do not want to over-do it, but yet do enough to make impede some of the progression which the disease of COPD will continue to creep into your daily living.

The ‘when’ of pulmonary rehab is normally that time period soon after you have been diagnosed with the disease itself and in most cases will last from six to twelve weeks, depending on the program set up for and your individual needs.

The ‘when’ will normally pulmonary rehab sessions scheduled two or three times a week and lasting approximately one to two hours per session.

The ‘when’ seldom entails no more than that for the purpose of giving you and your body time to recuperate and adapt to the program and routines which you are scheduled to do.

The ‘when’ of your pulmonary rehab may also continue beyond the original monitored program for what they call a maintenance phase and these may continue for some as long as you feel it is needed or helpful and many times for as long as it is affordable as many health insurance programs do not cover the costs beyond the original monitored program set by your physician and/or pulmonologist.

Do you have a scheduled ‘when’ for a personal pulmonary rehab program?

Have you finished a scheduled pulmonary rehab program and have continued with a maintenance program?

Can you identify the advantages of knowing the ‘when’ of a personal pulmonary rehab program for yourself or others with COPD?

Only you can make the final decision of using a pulmonary rehab program to make your life physically more ready for that battle ahead, have you made or done it?

As always – if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out by a reliable physician or pulmonologist.

With that, we bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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NOTE TO REMEMBER: We only give descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having COPD and/or asthma and no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical treatment type of information, always consult your physician for more, clearer and more medical founded information.

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