By Mr. William

“A person without good breathing, is a person with a life of constant caution, so let’s do what we can, to learn what we can, to improve what we can.” (Will Dursens)

            As festive as many holidays, especially the one called Christmas, can or should be, for those with a chronic illness such as COPD and/or Severe Asthma they can be anything but festive.

            This time of the year I find myself much included in that statement for as much as I want the holidays to be festive and full of memorable joy, I struggle (and I mean really struggle) with finding that festive and joyful spirit much of the time.

            Do I find blame for that large inadequate feeling of festive, joyful moments on my chronic illnesses of COPD, severe Asthma, and Heart?

            Not totally, but yet it is hard not to pin some of the blame on all or any of the three.

            Reasons I find this time of the year not as festive and joyful as it used to be doesn’t lie just in my chronic illnesses, it also lies within the changes over the years of my family dynamics and society itself.

            Let me talk about a couple of those reasons why I have such a struggle with the holidays.

            For one, it comes down to the financial end of it. Being totally dependent on disability and a few dollars I can get from my writing, I get very frustrated to not having the financial resources to either get those things I would like to get for my adult kids and grandkids. I also get very frustrated not having the financial means to afford a good holiday trip to like Chicago to see my in-laws let alone the idea of giving my only living Aunt a huge surprise by showing up in Connecticut which is like some six states and 1,500-plus miles away.

            I know money should not affect how one celebrates the holiday because they say it is the thoughts and love that counts – well have you tried sticking to that philosophy in the society of the world we live in today!!!

            Secondly, the change of family dynamics from what I grew up around.

While my family was always stuck at home for the holidays due to my father being a pastor and was a bit busy with services and programs, my grandparents always seemed to be able to make that trip to where we lived so they could have a bit of time with the grandkids for the holidays. Those visits for many years gave us kids a wonder of presents over two or three celebrations as we would have our family time on Christmas morning, then one with my grandparents on my Dad’s side before finishing up with our yearly visit from my Mom’s mom.

            Now with divorces and then a second or even a third marriage among parents and adult children, not only do my adult kids have numerous family members to accommodate, my grandkids have as many as six sets of grandparents to find holiday time for if that is even possible. Plus, we now have a couple of those grandkids having graduated from high school and moved out of their house while either working or attending college. So, as you can see – trying to get together with so many for even a few minutes can just plain get overwhelming.

            And thirdly, I have those life path companions of COPD, severe Asthma and the heart to worry about during the holidays as each of the three can and will provide for their own unique reasons to be careful and cautious as I try to travel through the weeks leading up to, the days of and the week or so after the major holiday season of the year.

            Cautious because of the numerous triggers which may possibly set my COPD and/or severe Asthma off into a slight or even major exacerbation or breathing attack. As much as I love the smells of the holiday’s, it may be the way a particular candle is made that may set me off running for fresh air, an inhaler or just space to practice my breathing techniques to get back to normalcy.

            And going out into public, like the shopping center or even worse – a holiday event – where so many feel it is necessary to give themselves a shower of who knows what the name of that perfume, cologne or lotion was called, many of which can cause an instant issue with so many fighting breathing issues on a daily basis.

            With me, I also must keep a feel for the ticker and making sure I watch how much I exert myself in walking, playing or worse yet climbing many or any sets of stairs or hills. When you have a chunk of the heart that only works at 45% capacity, one learns to be careful.

            Don’t forget, I haven’t even mentioned the eats that become available over the holidays, and when you have ticker and breathing issues – too much eating of the wrong type of foods can be nothing but an issue waiting to happen.

            So here I am, once again slowly walking into and through the holiday season with the hopes that I can push myself more than I may have in the past to go beyond those fears and worries to still find the true joy, faith, hope and love that comes from this particular holiday time of the year.

            And in my daily prayers I also ask the same for all of those out in the world who are busy trying to enjoy the holidays while also battling their own discomforts and worries that these holidays may bring – I ask for them, as with myself, to finding of continued joy, faith, hope and love to help overcome those battles.

            As always, feel free to throw me your thoughts, comments, ideas or even concerns – I treasure my internet family and friends, especially those who may be battling some of those similar chronic illness issues as I am. Thanx.

            And that my friends, is where ‘Lenny’ and Me are 4 today.

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            ALWAYS REMEMBER – if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

With that, I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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NOTES: Sometimes we share what may seem like medical information, but we are only giving descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having COPD and/or Asthma and no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical treatment type of information, always consult your physician for more, clearer medical founded information.