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(ALWAYS REMEMBER – A person without good breathing, is a person with a life of constant caution’, so let’s do what we can, to learn what we can, to improve what we can. – William)

Again, as I continue my own walk-through life with a chronic illness, I continue working with the belief that those who have a constant battle with any chronic illness should always be on the mindset that educating themselves will never end!

As for me, the battle I have are with severe Asthma, Stage III COPD, Fatigue and a chronic heart condition. Each of these battles provide a need for different ranges of reading and educating so that I will know what my battle is and how that battle may play out in my life depending on the knowledge and skill level that I design to fight or work with each of these chronic illness situations.

As I write my blogs, I always try to keep that mindset of educating others and myself with every word that I may write.

In my on-going series, “Reflections”, I try to share materials which may help or benefit others in their daily battles with whatever chronic illness and/or disease they may be walking with in their life travels.

Today we share part six of a six-part series referencing ‘GAINING STABILITY WITH CHRONIC ILLNESSES’.

Gaining stability in life when a person is battling a constant companion that any chronic illness is can be very challenging as most anyone with a chronic illness knows – things may change at the snap of the fingers.

In scouring various areas of information, ‘Gaining Stability’ to a life with a chronic illness can be done and more importantly must be done at the absolute minimum through a regular routine and awareness.

One of the most important things a person can do when doing battle with any chronic illness (in my case COPD and Severe Asthma) is to bring a sense of stability within those daily battles and travels.

There are six simple areas which seem to stand out as important for gaining stability within a life with a chronic illness and they would be – exercising, avoiding sickness, sleep and rest, knowing yourself, social contact, and nutrition.

We finish up our six-part series on GAINING STABILITY to a life with a chronic illness by talking about ‘NUTRITION’!


Possible as important as any of the six area we’ve discussed in bringing and keeping stability in your life would have to be NUTRITION, in other words – what you eat and drink day in and day out to keep the mechanical side of your life and body full so it can produce for you at full capacity each and every day.

But we must not just think that feeding on anything will work, because as most of you that battle a chronic illness and/or disease already know – it does not work like that at all!!

Nope, you must remember to constantly keep track of your eating habits to make sure you are eating not only enough food to keep the body working properly, but more importantly are you eating the right foods!!

Eating and drinking the right foods and liquids will keep the proper nutrients in your body to fuel it in the best possible way without causing a problem with any of the functions you may be planning to do.

Our body will be kept running properly when it gets the proper mixture of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates by grabbing and filling up with food fuel from a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy products.

Most of us that are already fighting a battle with a chronic illness and/or disease have already had to deal with some kind of nutritional help and guidance so that we can continue filling our bodies with the right nutrients that will not become a trigger or danger for our chronic illness and/or disease.

Examples of eating the right foods would be if you are fighting major lung issues, then you most likely have been asked to or already have cut back on sugars and dairy products as many of them can cause an issue with excess phlegm.

Another example is if you are fighting an issue with weight or maybe diabetes, then you most likely are having to watch the number of carbohydrates that you may intake.

Those with heart issues, such as this writer, know that an eagle eye needs to be kept on the sodium intake.

Many of us will find it necessary or be reminded to take other supplements such as a daily multi-vitamin, extra vitamin B complex tablets, garlic tablets, saw palmetto, fish oil supplements, and the list can go on depending on your need or wants. Whenever taking any kind of supplements, remember it is a very good idea to be sure and clear the idea of any supplements with your direct general physician or medical specialist.

Unfortunately, eating can and most likely will be a very individual challenge to keep as we each have different tastes and likes in what we may eat, plus a diet that works for even the guy next door will most likely not always guarantee success for you.

Again, we highly recommend any kind of a diet you consider trying be cleared through your general physician or medical specialist as one would not to get into a diet program that even with success is also causing issues or triggers for ones chronic illness and/or disease.

The important thing is to remember that while other sections we have touched on about bringing stability to a life with a chronic illness and/or disease, the nutrition you take in daily is possible the most important one of the six because we all need to eat and drink to survive.

That statement alone reminds us that we all need to learn what does and does not work to keep stability in our life travels with a chronic illness and/or disease while eating to survive as well.


  • What works for you in eating and drinking to keep your body processing and producing a stable life each and every day of your battle with life and a chronic illness and/or disease?
  • Has your general physician and/or medical specialist given you an eating plan that will help reduce the triggers and/or dangers toward your chronic illness and/or disease?

As always, if you would like to reflect your response to our posting and the reflection questions, please leave them under the comment section of Thanx.

REFLECTION QUESTION – – What works for you in eating and drinking to keep your body processing and producing a stable life each and every day of your battle with life, COPD and/or severe Asthma?

Looking for more about nutrition and its help in building stability in your life and battles with COPD/Asthma – then look back over and take notice of the recently run 10-part series on ‘COPD and Nutrition’.

If you would like to reflect your response to others, please leave them under the comment section of  Thanx.

SOMETHING WE ALWAYS STRESS – If you have a chronic illness and/or disease, then you must always stay attuned and alert to any and all new or previous knowledge that will offer any glimpses of hope and faith of getting through one’s own battles with that chronic illness and/or disease.

AS ALWAYS (Because I fight COPD) – If you or anyone you know may have any symptoms involving lung and breathing issues or functionality, and those symptoms linger over and over while disrupting your daily living, then please start asking questions and get it checked out with your regular physician or a pulmonologist!

With that, I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing.

Have a Good Day.

NOTES: Sometimes we share what may seem like medical information, but we are only giving descriptions and highlights of various aspects of living with a chronic illness and/or disease, and in no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical advice. If you have questions about what we have posted, then ask your physician and/or medical specialist about it.

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