By Mr. William

“A person without good breathing, is a person with a life of constant caution, so let’s do what we can, to learn what we can, to improve what we can.” (Will Dursens)

Well, I got the needed job done – I took the time and effort to make sure I got my second vaccine shot last Wednesday to help protect me from the nasty coronavirus/covid pandemic stuff.

As we recall, the only after effect I seemed to have from the first shot of the Moderna vaccine was a rather sore arm as if it were bruised.

Lucky for me maybe was the fact that my daughter, who works within an area school district, was getting her second vaccine shot the day before me. I figured this was good because it might give me a heads up as to what to expect.

And sure enough, an hour before I headed to the doctor office for my shot I heard from my daughter and she was feeling yucky. She said she had a headache; her arm was much sorer this time and she was a bit more fatigued and a bit of a yucky tummy.

Hoping for the best I went on in and got my shot. Wearing a shirt I designed claiming ‘I Got My Vaccine Shots’, it provided several conversations from nursing staff and other shot takers that my 15-minute post shot wait went by quickly.

I received my shot at 10:15 a.m. and about the time of the night news at 10:00 p.m. is when I began to notice that I might be in for a rough 24-48 hours.

By the time 1:00 that night rolled around I was feeling as if I was fighting a fever or something and my body was cold and I had a case of the shivers, you know where you just shake and feel cold.

Finally getting some sleep, I woke with a slight headache but more noticeable was the aching in nearly all my joints, in particular my knees, shoulders, and neck.

Needless to say, I took it easy all day long and drank plenty of liquids between water, sparkling water and an occasional small glass of ginger-ale or sprite to help ease was seemed to be a bit of a yucky tummy.

Grateful that I did not ever seem to actually run a fever, but I did have plenty of aches in the joints and neck.

My wife was kind enough to put up with me all day Thursday and into about half the day of Friday, she was even willing to give me several shoulder, upper back, and neck rubs – all of which she does often anyway to help keep my muscles from tighten up and causing issues with Lenny or my breathing.

While many folks out there talk smack about the vaccine making life hell, nearly everyone I know never had any worse aftereffects than I did and while they sound bad, it was a cake walk from having a major attack of the flu or this coronavirus stuff.

The best thing I can say – IT DID NOT AFFECT MY BREATHING/LUNGS!

So, if anyone were to ask me my thoughts on getting the vaccine shot if you have not already – I say the same I have all along, check with your care providers and specialists to get their thoughts and go for it because trust me even if you get some aftereffects for 24-48 hours, it sure beats getting the coronavirus itself.

So, for now, this is where ‘Lenny and Me’ are at for today, thankfully ‘Lenny’ is not causing any issues today to complicate my routine issues any more than I already have.

Now is the time for the QUESTION OF THE MOMENT.


  • Have you received a vaccine shot(s) for the coronavirus/covid stuff?
  • If you have received both shots, which shot did you have the most (if any) aftereffects from?
  • If you have taken the vaccine, do you still feel like it was worth the effort and reason to get it?

Just so you know, the shirt I was referencing looked like this:

And can be found at I Got My Vaccine Shot T-Shirt | Etsy

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ALWAYS REMEMBER (because I have COPD and severe Asthma) – If you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

With that, I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings, and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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