By Pastor Billy Dale

In recollecting about my own daily battles and frustrations with chronic issues such as a heart condition, depression, severe asthma, and stage III COPD, I think about those time periods when things were running much better if I took the time for meditations and prayers as part of my routine.

My friends at asked me to contribute words of hope, faith, love, and grace with the idea that they will renew some of the same in their readers during their own daily fights with their own unrelenting and frustrating chronic illness(es).

Here is Living Today – A Meditation for those with a Chronic Illness:



“So do not throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded.” (Hebrews 10:35 NIV)


Within all of us, the Greater Spirit has planted seeds of success and hope within, just waiting for them to take root and bring us successes beyond our imagination.

But like a garden in the early spring, the seeds will only take hold, sprout, and grow if we can visualize the success ahead while knowing the work necessary to reach the goal of our full potential – that being that one has the vision to see success in themselves or the plant that they have seeded.

With that vision of success, combined with the necessary work of watering and weeding, eventually those seeds that the Great Spirit planted can and will find the successes they were intended to.

Throughout the growing seasons of a garden, it is important to keep out the weeds and during our own growing seasons (that of life itself), it is important to do the same for without weeding the successes of the seeds will be hampered.

We all know that in life we must see the weeds of emotion such as hate, despair, hurting, and pain as they pop up along the road one is traveling and it is then we must learn with the guidance of the Great Spirits how to battle those weeds of life and remove them before they take root in our life and suffocate the hope, faith, grace, and dreams of our future endeavors and success.

Traveling life can be tough enough, but to travel the road with any or several chronic illnesses can and will require one to be on high alert for some extra weeding that will be necessary along the way.

Much of that alertness will come when we are willing to meditate not only daily, but many times more than just once each day, so that the Great Spirit can be aware to help open us up to have the vision of seeing how to best battle the newest weeds that may be working on strangling our future. A future that should hold nothing but faith, hope, love, and grace.


O Great Spirits, thank you for being a major aid in my life and for being my absolute best friend who is always willing to stand by me even when the weeds of life creep up and attempt to strangle my day, and my future. I look to you to open my vision with the insight to know how best to defeat the weeds of life and bring to my life the hope, faith, love, and grace that you promise for our future of today and tomorrow.

And we then all join in to say Hallelujah, Amen.

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