By William

One of the most important things to do when you have a chronic illness or disability is to learn as much as you can about what you may be dealing with.

The more you know the easier it should or could be to get a handle on those days when you feel like the constant battle with your chronic illness or disability is taking its toll on you and your life.

This knowledge starts with the language or words that can be associated with having any type of chronic illness or disability. Knowing the language and keeping it up to date will help with the ins and outs of any lifelong health companion you may be dealing with.

ALWAYS REMEMBER = The more you know the better it will be in dealing with all that is involved with any Chronic Illness or Disability.


The definition of the word ‘APPREHENSION’ is “an awareness or understanding of something that may happen” or “as anxiety or fear that something bad or possible unpleasant will soon happen”.

In many of my own blogs and writings about my own chronic illness (COPD/Severe Asthma), disability (heart issues/severe asthma) or mental issues (depression), I have discussed my own apprehensions about those things that could and have at times hampered my own path or travels in life.

APPREHENSION can come along crippling someone who may already be in a weakened state of mind or thought about their current and future path of life. This is especially true for those who really struggle with getting things done, going places, and doing the things they used to do before their battles began with their particular chronic illness or disability.

Just like many aspects of living with those daily battles, it will be only what we as individuals fighting those daily fights are up to mentally, physically, and spiritually, that will determine how we can deal with any or all apprehensions that creep into our travels.

The weaker we may be on any of those three aspects (mentally, physical, or spiritually), the better the possibility that APPREHENSION can creep in and really mess with one’s outlook or travels for an hour, day, week, month, or even a year or more.

We all should hope to have a spouse, friend, mentor, family member, pastor, or counselor that we can count on to share with both when things are both wonderfully delightful as well as when we need them to be a rock or shoulder to lean on when we struggle during those darker days that could be filled with despair or major apprehension.

I mention those people because the moment one feels that touch of despair or apprehension entering the thought process or attitude of our day, no matter what that something may be we are worrying about – these are the people one should touch base with and ask for help in keeping those fears or anxiousness from messing or totally disrupting your travels and battles with any chronic illness or disability.

Dealing with APPREHENSION can rattle everything in a person’s moment when it begins to grab hold. For those of us who already battle with a chronic illness or disability, we already struggle to survive many days – so it is up to us to find and prop up our own defense mechanisms when despair or apprehension comes calling as it will never be a welcomed feeling to have.

In many cases, those defense mechanisms may need to be put into supercharge mode depending on the level of despair and apprehension that one finds knocking on life’s door.

So yep, the word to know for today’s battle with a chronic illness or disability is APPREHENSION and all the added fears, despair, and anxiety that may go with it when it visits.


Always be willing to lean on those who are willing to battle our battles with us, giving them the knowledge and opportunity to know it, feel it, and fix it with you because if we rely upon ourselves alone, the visiting despair or apprehension combined with our already battle with fears, frustrations, and anxiety within our constant companion chronic illness or disability can be a dangerous path to travel.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Be willing – if you or anyone you know may have any symptoms of a health issue that lingers over and over while disrupting ones daily living and travels, then please ask questions and get those issues checked out by a reliable physician or medical specialist.

With that – we bit to all, smiles, prayers, and blessings – William

NOTE TO REMEMBER = We only give descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having a chronic illness or disability and in no way do we ever want our information to be considered medical information or a type of treatment. Always consult your physician or medical specialists.

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