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            Anybody that may be battling a chronic illness and/or disability should be ready to immerse themselves within the issue and educate themselves as much as possible about what they are battling.

            Figure this – the more you know, the easier it should or could be to get a handle on those days when you feel like the constant battle with your particular chronic illness and/or disability is taking its toll on you and your living existence.

            The knowledge begins with a whole variety of things and can cover physical, mental, psychological, or even faith issues.

            The more you know simply means the better opportunities you will present yourself and others in surviving longer and with possible more dignity that many do fighting a chronic illness and/or disability.

            ALWAYS REMEMBER – The more you know the better it will be in dealing with all that is involved with any chronic illness and/or disability.



            ‘Pulmonary Rehab’ in any sense is needed to help delay the eventual loss of the ability to do things we are used to doing and have control over – especially with our ability to breath.

            This is part one of a six-part series where we discuss the How, What, When, Where, Who, and Why of ‘Pulmonary Rehab’.

            The ‘HOW’ of pulmonary rehab would entail the starting, doing, progressing, and paying for your pulmonary rehab so that you can work to improve your battle with whatever Chronic Illness and/or disability that affects your lungs and breathing.

            This is part two of a six-part series where we discuss the How, What, When, Where, Who, and Why of ‘Pulmonary Rehab’.

            With the ‘WHAT’ of pulmonary rehab we ask questions that may be needed to guide you on the seriousness of your changing health to push you toward the necessity of exercising and rehabbing your ability to breath.

            Exercise is the basis to the ‘WHAT’ of pulmonary rehab.

            Pulmonary rehab is most likely going to be a program of exercise and education which can and should be designed for the individual needs for dealing with and keeping a step ahead of one’s particular chronic illness and/or disability, especially those involving any respiratory lung diseases and/or illnesses.

            The goal of ones pulmonary rehab should be to gain and/or keep strength, stamina, and flexibility while also learning as much as you can about your lungs and how to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

            An important point to always remember about your pulmonary rehab and that is to understand the ‘what it is not’ and what it is not is a cure for those with a chronic lung disease and/or illness.

            Pulmonary rehab will not improve your lung function numbers long term, although they may show many short-term, little budges, over the long haul it will not return you to feeling like you are an 18–21-year-old young adult again.

            The biggest ‘WHAT’ will pulmonary rehab do is that by doing it consistently and with a regular program, it will keep and improve your overall physical conditioning which in turn should and will help prolong the good days and give your body the strength to bounce back quicker from those bad days.

            Another part of the ‘WHAT’ of pulmonary rehab is what you may learn, not only about yourself but about your lung issues through helpful educational programs that most pulmonary rehab facilities will have available.

            No matter what your chronic illness and/or disability may be, pulmonary rehab should always play an important part in constant personal maintenance. The benefits of a continued pulmonary rehab program far outweigh the cons of not having or working one.

            Always understand those long-term benefits for anyone battling a chronic illness and/or disability as the lungs are as important as the heart in having a functional life.


            Do you have access to or are currently actively attending/working a good pulmonary rehab program?

            Do you understand how the use of or working of a good pulmonary rehab program will help your self-confidence and physical conditioning needed to battle your particular chronic illness and/or disability?

            (We ask questions with our postings to help stimulate the minds of those who read them while helping push them to understand and evaluate what is being shared. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.)

            ALWAYS REMEMBER: Be willing – if you or anyone you know may have any symptoms of a possible health issue that lingers over and over while disrupting ones daily living and travels – then please ask questions and get those issues checked out by a dependable general physician and/or a medical specialist. ONE’S HEALTH and/or LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!!

            DUE NOTE that we only give descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having and dealing with a chronic illness and/or disability. In no way do we ever want our information to be considered qualified medical information and/or treatment. ALWAYS consult your general physician and/or medical specialist with any questions about what we share and how you may think it is affecting your life.

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