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            If you want to battle your chronic illness and/or disability, one should be ready to immerse themselves within the issue or issues and get as much education about them as possible.

            We have always figured this – the more you know, the easier it should or could be to get a handle on those days when you feel like the constant battle with your own particular chronic illness and/or disability is taking a huge toll on you and your living experience.

            This knowledge begins with a wide variety of things and can cover physical, mental, psychological, or even faith issues.

            It simply means that the ‘more you know’ the better the opportunities are that you will present yourself and others survival modes to live a longer and possible more dignified life than many do while fighting a chronic illness and/or disability.

            ALWAYS REMEMBER – the more you know the better it will be in dealing with all that is involved with any chronic illness and/or disability.


            ‘Pulmonary Rehab’ in any sense will be needed to help delay the eventual loss of the ability to do things we are used to doing and have control over – especially when it comes to our ability to breath.

            This is part three of a six-part series where we are discussing the How, What, When, Where, Who, and Why of ‘Pulmonary Rehab’.

            The ‘WHEN’ of pulmonary rehab asks questions that may be needed to guide you on the seriousness of your changing health to push you toward the necessity of exercising and rehabbing your ability to breath and to have continued survival.

            The ‘WHEN’ would one go and deal with this thing we call pulmonary rehab is important because one does not want to over-do it, but yet do it enough to make impede some of the progression which a chronic illness and/or disability continues to creep into one’s daily living.

            The ‘WHEN’ of pulmonary rehab is normally that time period soon after you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and/or disability itself with most initial pulmonary rehab programs lasting from six to twelve weeks depending on the individual.

            The ‘WHEN’ will a normal pulmonary rehab session be scheduled is normally two or three times a week with each session lasting approximately one to two hours.

            The ‘WHEN’ seldom will entail no more than that for the purpose of giving one and their body time to recuperate and then adapt to the program and routines which you are scheduled to do.

            The ‘WHEN’ of your pulmonary rehab may also continue well beyond the original monitored program for what they call a maintenance phase, and these may continue for some as long as you feel it is necessarily needed or helpful, many times for as a long as it is affordable as many health insurances programs do not cover the costs beyond the original monitored program set by your physician or medical specialist.

            As always, we have QUESTIONS FOR OUR READERS/FOLLOWERS:

            Have you had a scheduled ‘WHEN’ for a personal pulmonary rehab program?

            Have you finished your own scheduled pulmonary rehab program, and have you continued with a pulmonary rehab maintenance program?

            Have you been able to identify the advantages of knowing the ‘WHEN’ of a personal pulmonary rehab program, especially if you have something such as COPD?

            Only you can make the final decision as to the use of a pulmonary rehab program to make your life physically more ready for that battle ahead with your own chronic illness and/or disability – have you made or done so?

            (We ask questions with our postings to help stimulate the minds of those who read them while helping push them to understand and evaluate what is being shared. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.)

            ALWAYS REMEMBER: Be willing – if you or anyone you know may have any symptoms of a possible health issue that lingers over and over while disrupting ones daily living and travels – then please ask questions and get those issues checked out by a dependable general physician and/or a medical specialist. ONE’S HEALTH and/or LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!!

            PLEASE NOTE that we only give descriptions and highlights of various aspects of having and dealing with a chronic illness and/or disability. In no way do we ever want our information to be considered qualified medical information and/or treatment. ALWAYS consult your general physician and/or medical specialist with any questions about what we share and how you may think it is affecting your life.

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