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Health--Humor--LifeBreathsTakenBreathsTakenAway  Trying something new I chose to start posting a Friday question/survey with idea of following-up a few days later with a sharing of the responses.  These questions will all revolve around having COPD, Asthma and/or any type of lung disease/illness with the hopes that we can understand many of us have our own battles and that many will be similar or even the same as the individual battles we each face everyday.

So I tried a question/survey posting on Friday (‘Your Answer Is – A COPD/Asthma Weekly Survey’) in which folks were asked to read the posting at my blog ( and then share their experience or solution to the question.  I had limited response in reading and more or less zero response in answers/comments both on the facebook page posting and the blog itself.

Frustrated with the limited response I went to 20 Facebook pages dealing with COPD, Asthma and/or lung issues and simply posted a single comment/question (“What is the best form of exercise you find that works for you without causing stress or problems with your COPD/Asthma?”) with hopes of getting a better response.

And a response I finally did get.

So here it is a few days later and I am here to share those responses.

The question proposed was – “What is the best form of exercise you find that works for you without causing stress or problems with your COPD/Asthma?”.  The following notes are what came of the posting and maybe you can relate to many or at least some of them.

  • > > 17 facebook pages showed that someone had at least seen and/or liked the question posted.
  • > > 13 of those facebook pages had folks leave a total of 110 responses, most with actual remarks about what exercises work for them while others were simply responses to other responses and/or questions on how or why an exercise may work for someone else (meaning some good dialogue among fellow sufferers of lung issues).
  • > > 13 type of exercising had 5 or fewer responses including light weightlifting, rowing machine, Wii Fit, Fitness Videos, Dancing, Singing, Chair exercises, house cleaning, Zumba, and Tai Chi.
  • > > 5 type of exercises were mention 6-20 times and those included exercise/stationary bike, swimming, rehab/exercise classes, Yoga and treadmills.
  • > > Walking was by far the most popular form of exercising used to help with the responders lung/breathing issues.

As for myself, I have a routine of taking a trip 5-6 days a week on my exercise/stationary bike for at least 20-35 minutes with each trip.  Depending on how I feel, some weeks I will only travel those short trips 4 times while always striving for 6 times a week.

Throughout my day, depending on what I am doing and/or how I am feeling – I also try every day to work at least 2 short cardio routines, occasionally with some light weights while also trying to get into a routine of a daily routine of Tai Chi.

There you have the responses of the first of what hopefully will be a weekly question/survey for all to share with, as sharing is how we all really grow in our walk/battle with our own lung/breathing issues.

Until we share ‘Your Answer Was’ next Tuesday, thanx.

As always – if you or anyone you know have any symptoms involving lung and breathing functionality, and they linger over and over while disrupting a lifestyle – then please ask questions and get it checked out.

Remember – a person without breathing is a person without life itself.

I bid to all – smiles, prayers, blessings and steady breathing – Mr. William.

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